Steps for success

  1. Set up your environment with these resources
  2. Brainstorm what project you want to build with examples of AI apps, information on responsible AI, and other apps in the Atlassian Marketplace 
    • AI apps for developer experience: a trained model might be used to summarize text in Jira Software issues associated with a Bitbucket pull request and automatically add that summary to the description of the pull request, saving the developer the time it takes to write the description manually.
    • AI apps for collaboration: a trained model might offer to build a short list of Confluence pages relevant to a new person joining a project team. The pages recommended would help the new member get up to speed with the project quickly and facilitate onboarding and learning.
    • AI apps for data-driven insights: a trained model might understand what features an integrated toolchain has and is missing and might recommend new tools that could be integrated to help the team. The model might recognize that the team’s toolchain does not have a feature flag tool integrated and might suggest adding such a tool.
    • Responsible AI: Building Trustworthy AI Apps
    • DevOps apps in the marketplace
    • IT apps in the marketplace
    • Business apps in the marketplace
  3. Bootstrap your build with these Starter Apps

Forge Resources

AI Resources

Developer Tools

⦿ Building with Forge 
⦿ Getting Started 
⦿ See what's new on Forge

Technical Resources

⦿ Platform Concepts documentation
       • The Forge runtime and sandbox Debugging
⦿ Forge Tutorials
⦿ Forge AI Basics
⦿ Forge AI Jira Comment Summariser

Get Help

⦿ Join the Atlassian Developer Community - Use the tag codegeistunleashed to make sure your technical questions are viewable to everyone participating


⦿ The basics of creating a Forge AI app
⦿ Forge the future of AI – Codegeist Unleashed 2023 is live!
⦿ DevOps apps in the marketplace
⦿ IT apps in the marketplace
⦿ Business apps in the marketplace
⦿ Responsible AI: Building Trustworthy AI Apps
This is just a small collection to get you started!

App Marketplace

⦿ Marketplace Overview
⦿ Listing Forge Apps in the Marketplace
⦿ Distributing apps for testing
Not required for the hackathon